2017–2018 MSUS Pledge Letter

Dear MSUS Member or Friend,

We are glad that you join us at Michael Servetus Unitarian Society and we hope that you find inspiration, comfort and challenge here. We know that pledging can help you feel more connected to this community, and we are pleased that you are considering doing so.  If you have pledged in previous years, we are grateful for your generous support.

Financial pledges directly support the MSUS vision to be a community of Open, Inspired, Committed Seekers. For example, welcoming Rev. Laura as our first full-time minister would not have been possible without the financial support of our membership. Being full-time has allowed Rev. Laura to expand the ministry of MSUS with increased pastoral care, a variety of adult RE offerings, and new initiatives such as the monthly 60+ group and the chalice lighters, all in addition to providing thoughtful, inspired, challenging sermons.

As this year’s pledge drive leaders, we were inspired to articulate our relationship with MSUS. We heard it spoken recently by twin cities poet Rodrigo Sanchez-Chavarria, describing what we all do to survive emotionally and spiritually in this world: “You create the community you are looking for, and you cherish and nurture the [expletive] out of it.”* MSUS is that community for our little family.  We cherish and nurture it for the weekly therapy of laughter and joy and friendship and beautiful music. For the support and comfort in times of loss and difficulty. For challenging us to be our best selves, to overcome our own prejudices, to take action against injustice, and to simply be of service.

This year we celebrate 50 years of this kind of community at MSUS, and plan our stewardship of MSUS for the future. Please take time to review the accompanying materials describing the income and expenses of MSUS, and use the fair share giving guide to help determine how you will support this vibrant future. Then make your pledge of financial support to ensure that MSUS is here to inspire, comfort and challenge generations to come.

In gratitude and fellowship,


Katie and Byron Johnson, 2017 Pledge Drive Leaders


*from the essay Fighting the Oppressive Whiteness by Rodrigo Sanchez-Chavarria, A Good Time for the Truth, Race in Minnesota, Sun Yung Shin, Editor 2016