About MSUS

Michael Servetus Unitarian Society by Maricris Bier Treuenfels

Michael Servetus Unitarian Society (MSUS) is guided by our Vision, Mission, and Covenant statements, and the 7 Principles of the UUA (Guiding Principles). The Board of Trustees governs the overall operation of the church.

The beliefs of the Society's members are as varied as the number of people who belong to MSUS. One belief we all agree on is that every person is encouraged to develop a personal philosophy of life. If you have questions, "100 Questions that Non-Members Ask About Unitarian Universalism" from the UU Church of Nashua, NH, may answer them. "Voices of a Liberal Faith - Unitarian Universalists" is a ten minute YouTube video that gives a broad overview of UUism. Another eight minute video from YouTube, calledUnitarian Universalism: You're a Uni-What?", also gives an overview of Unitarian-Universalism.

MSUS Vision Statement

  As Unitarian Universalists, we challenge ourselves to be:

  • OPEN, loving, and inclusive;
  • INSPIRED by many sources of wisdom;
  • COMMITTED agents of compassion, service, justice and joy;
  • SEEKERS at all ages engaged in questioning and learning.

MSUS Mission Statement

The mission of MSUS is to:

  • Promote Unitarian Universalist traditions of liberty and respect, justice and compassion, and the use of reason
  • Empower our members in their search for meaning by fostering intellectual and spiritual growth
  • Support our members in living ethical lives based on integrity and service
  • Celebrate together and minister to one another in good times and bad
  • Work, as individuals and as a congregation, to improve the larger community and our natural environment

MSUS Covenant Statement

As we work together to live our mission and vision, the members of MSUS covenant together to:

  • Respect each person and his or her beliefs
  • Serve MSUS with our time, money, and participation, as best we can
  • Act with integrity by living our principles in what we say and do and honoring our commitments
  • Further a loving and welcoming atmosphere