President's Letter

Feb 2, 2018

Significant progress has been made on the development of our mission statement this past month. On Saturday, January 6th, 25 people attended the Mission Statement Retreat at Pilgrim House Unitarian Universalist Church. I was very excited to see so... Read More

Jan 2, 2018

I have appreciated December’s worship theme – hope. It’s been disheartening to witness on a national, state, and local level the extreme political polarization, an absence of compromise in problem solving, lack of process in decisionmaking, and... Read More

Dec 3, 2017

The Board has a full plate of important issues they are addressing this year. I’d like to provide an update on some of these key issues. Addressing a Process for the Purchase of a Future Building The Board supports the need for a new building with... Read More

Oct 31, 2017

Twelve people gathered on October 15th at noon for the forum on the mission of MSUS. The session started with a brief presentation that included a review of our current vision and mission statements, a definition of mission and vision, why a shared... Read More

Sep 30, 2017

Last year MSUS started a process to update our mission statement. A task force was formed and obtained preliminary data from the congregation by asking for responses to some strategic questions. They drafted a statement and solicited feedback from... Read More

Aug 31, 2017

I’m looking forward to the upcoming church year. I had a great summer and I hope you did too. I appreciated having the opportunity to attend a few summer services. I was impressed with the number of people that attended and in the number of visitors... Read More

Jun 7, 2017

Have a great summer everyone! The church year is winding down and we are about to begin our summer schedule. Perhaps this frees up some time for all of us to spend more time outdoors. Many of us have plans for summer activities such as camping,... Read More

Apr 3, 2017

In my first newsletter article written in June 2016, I talked about the investments this congregation has made to position itself for growth. Those include: Electing to call a full-time minister Increasing the hours of support staff Conducting two... Read More

Mar 3, 2017

I had the honor and privilege to go to Washington D.C. with a group of six women to participate in the Women’s March on January 21st. The group was comprised of three MSUS members and three additional friends and family members. We all felt strongly... Read More

Jan 1, 2017

If you attended last year’s annual meeting on May 11th, you may remember the proposed change to our bylaws that was introduced to the congregation. If you did not attend, this proposal will be new to you and I want to make you aware of it. The... Read More