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Our Search Committee

MSUS Ministerial Search Committee

Kathy Burek, Search Committee Co-chair

As a member of MSUS since 1979, Kathy has served in multiple capacities, including congregation president. She was also board member and President-Prairie Star District, President-District Presidents’ Association, and helped lead the formation of the MidAmerica Region. Kathy currently serves on the UUA Health Plan Board. In June 2014, Kathy received the UUA President’s Award for Volunteer Service. Kathy is married to Ed Burek, and has three adult children.

Michele Wallace, Search Committee Co-chair

Michele is grateful to be a cradle UU, and has been involved in a number of UU congregations around the country.  She joined MSUS in 2001.  She has served MSUS as Chair of the Finance Committee, the Religious Education Committee, the Personnel Committee, and the Board of Trustees.  Michele is a general litigator for a three-person law partnership.

Kasi Aten-Freese

Kasi attended MSUS since 2007and became a member in 2009. She has served on the Board of Trustees for one term and been involved in the Social Action committee, MSUS Mom's group, Religious Education committee. Kasi is also an active teacher in the Religious Education program. She is married to a non-UU guy and has two daughters (one UU, one Christian). Kasi is a consultant in Quality and Patient Safety at University of Minnesota Health.

Ben Withhart

As a UU, Ben belonged to a small fellowship and a large church before settling at MSUS in the late 1980’s. He organized the Men’s Group, co-chaired the Service Auction, worked with the City of Fridley to assess development of our location, served on the Search Committee for our first Called Minister, and chaired the Search Committee for Interim Minister. Ben recently retired as CEO and Executive Director of a large non-profit serving the elderly. He is married to Laures Young and has two adult children.

Merle DeNuccio

Merle found MSUS in 1994, after 20 years as an inactive UU. She has served MSUS on several committees, has chaired the Membership-Member Communication Committee, and currently represents MSUS on the board of the local Meals-On-Wheels program. Merle is a newly retired purchasing agent. She is married to Patricia Ferrian, has one son and three grandchildren.

Leslie Vissage

Leslie joined MSUS in 2009. In MSUS, she has found a church home where people with varied beliefs form a loving community, which she values as a UU Christian. Leslie has served MSUS as treasurer, as a member of the Board of Trustees and as chair of the Social Action Committee. She is married to John Vissage.

Doyle Mullin

Doyle is a founding member of MSUS. He was on the Board of Trustees on three different occasions for a total of 12 years, as well as serving on several committees. Doyle was also an active member of the Restructuring and Transformation Task Forces. He is a retired mechanical engineer and business owner. Doyle is currently working as a life coach.