An Exciting September 2016

As we squeeze out the last moments of summer vacation before the fall pushes things into full swing again in RE, I’d like to share with you some of the exciting things we have coming up this month!

This year, information for parents, volunteers, and anyone generally interested in what is happening in religious education can be accessed here: While still a bit of a work in progress, information on our curriculum, the full RE schedule for this church year, information on signing up to volunteer to lead classes, upcoming special events, and even necessary forms to download and complete to register children are available now. (The resources tab hosts the vast wealth of this information, so be sure you don't miss that section!)

If you know you are interested in signing up to lead a class during the year, have older youth who are interested in being a leader, or in reading the weekly story to the class, please follow this link to our Sign Up Genius page: There is a full listing of all of the RE classes for this church year, along with the title of the story for that week. A link to the page with all of the lesson plans for each week is also included. If you have a favorite Seuss story, don't hesitate to sign up for the week it's featured now! (Sign Up Genius will automatically remind you that you signed up, so don't worry that you'll forget as the date draws near.) The "youth reader" slot each week is intended for anyone in grade 4 or up so, adults, if you're interested, you're also welcome to sign up and read. It's a great way to dip a toe into the RE experience if you're not sure you're ready to lead a class or are limited in your ability to be involved. I will be in the classroom every week again this year, so, if you are interested in helping lead, I assure you that you and the youth leader will not be on your own. Please feel free to contact me with any comments/concerns/questions you may have.

Additionally, I am working on implementing the opportunity for children and youth to return to the RE classroom space during hospitality on Sunday mornings. In order to do so, both the child and their parent(s) will have had to read and agree to abide by the expectations for use of the space during that time. I will be on hand to monitor what is happening, but this is by no means intended to be additional childcare. This is an opportunity for the children and youth to responsibly enjoy their time together at MSUS in a welcoming space we hold especially for them. If there are groups planning to meet in the classroom on Sundays, you are absolutely still welcome to do so, but it is important that they are scheduled in advance with Beth so they are on the calendar and can be planned around in advance.

In addition to the opportunity to help lead and read on Sunday mornings upstairs in RE, children and youth will also be able to volunteer to participate in the life of the church as service leaders and chalice lighters during Sunday services. Rev. Laura and I are working together to implement these opportunities at the beginning of the church year so, parents, watch your inboxes for more details soon!