Torda450 Discussion Group Starts January 23

In 2018, Unitarians and Unitarian Universalists from around the world will celebrate the 450th anniversary of one of the first statements of religious tolerance. Known as the Edict of Torda (from a city in what is now Romania), this proclamation by a Unitarian King asserted that "faith is the gift of God" and no one shall be "reviled" or threatened with imprisonment for their religion. It also officially recognized Unitarianism for the first time in history.

At MSUS, you can join the Torda450 Celebration through a monthly small group reflection and dialogue. These kinds of gatherings will take place in many congregations in the US and abroad. Being part of a small group is a great opportunity to go deeper into:

  • The history, context, and current relevance of the anniversary of the Edict of Torda
  • How theology informs Unitarian and Universalist identity
  • How U/U theology guides us in leading and partnering in resistance movements
  • How Unitarian history, theology and practice can further religious freedom in an era of rising intolerance
  • The role of classical/traditional Unitarianism in the 21st century
  • Tthe challenges of universality in contexts where people have multiple spiritual identities

Note: In the United States, the Unitarian and Universalist denominations merged in 1961 to become the UUA. However, these two distinct theological traditions haven’t always combined globally; Unitarian Christianity is most prominent outside the US.

What: Torda450 Discussion Group at MSUS
When: 7:00-8:30 pm on the 4th Tuesday of each month
Begins: January 23
Attendance: Monthly participation is encouraged, but you are welcome to drop in whenever you can
Registration: If you are interested in participating, please add your name to the signup sheet at the church or email the facilitator.
More Info:

MSUS’s group will be facilitated by Terri Burnor, a UU community minister. Terri lives in St. Paul and is the organizer of Worthy Now Minnesota, a prison ministry network for area UU congregations and individuals. Terri will be preaching on the Torda450 anniversary at MSUS on February 11.