Starting in January - Book Study: Love Let Go by Laura Sumner Truax and Amalya Campbell.

Katie Johnson invites you to join her on a path toward greater generosity by engaging in a book study with the hope that wrestling with these ideas together might help us each in some way to crack our hearts open and move into living more generous lives.

This is the story of the LaSalle Street Church in Chicago, and what they did when they realized a substantial gain from a real estate sale. First, they gave 10% of the gain to the members of the congregation so every member got $500 to go do good in the world. It's a compelling story of the generosity of individuals and their church community. The book study will ponder various aspects of generosity and the transformation that goes along with living more generously.

The discussion will begin in January; exact dates are to be determined. Three meetings are being considered, but will continue the conversation for as long as others are interested. Sign up in the social hall or contact Katie.