Making an Investment in MSUS

In my first newsletter article written in June 2016, I talked about the investments this congregation has made to position itself for growth. Those include:

  1. Electing to call a full-time minister
  2. Increasing the hours of support staff
  3. Conducting two services
  4. Adopting a vision statement and aligning our work with the direction set by that statement.
  5. Removing the wall between two classrooms upstairs
  6. Increasing our visibility in a number of ways including developing a sign placed on Mississippi Street every Sunday.
  7. Realignment – Changing our organizational structure to be more efficient and effective

Now we have been presented with another opportunity - the potential to purchase a new building. No decisions have been made on anything, including moving at all. After some preliminary scoping, if it is determined this site is a possibility, there will be lots of discussion and opportunities for all to provide feedback. Any final decision will, of course, be made by the congregation.

This possibility offers us the opportunity to articulate what our priorities are for new space. A larger sanctuary? More religious education classrooms? More space for the music program? An industrial kitchen? A larger social hall? Others? I want to encourage everyone to be part of the conversation regarding this particular opportunity and more generally about our needs for additional space. Having this conversation will help us evaluate this opportunity or those in the future.

It is also important to become aware of our finances. Take time to review and understand our upcoming budget and become familiar with our operating costs, income, and investments. This is critically important information for making a decision about potential moves.

Please contact me or a board member if you would like to express your opinion or ask questions.