You’ve Talked, We’ve Listened: Now What? Next Step...

By the time you read this, our Congregational Record will be on line and available to any minister in search to review.

This was a huge effort, and we thank all of you for all you have done to get it completed, including your participation in the focus groups, interviews, response to the survey, questions and comments, attending the recent Beyond Categorical Thinking workshop, and the comments and feedback you provided on the draft Congregational Record. While many made great comments, I want to especially thank Brock Ray, Andrea Zander, Ed Burek, and Rev. Karen for the level of detailed feedback they provided us. We undoubtedly have a stronger product thanks to all of you!

We are now shifting into the next phase of our work, most of which is required to be strictly confidential. It is also the phase that is the most nerve wracking! We are told by the UUA Transitions Office that the average number of applicants we can expect for a position like ours is about ten. We are hoping that we get something like that response, but have just been told that the number of congregations in search is now 66, up from the 50 we knew about when we first started this process! Anyhow, if we have something close to the average response, the process of getting down to one candidate to recommend to the congregation will take most of January, February and March.

That being said, we are often reminded that a failed search is NOT failing to find a candidate to recommend (however disappointing that would be), but one where we settled for someone to recommend who was not a good match for the congregation. We have heard those horror stories and will do our best to avoid that.

We will let you know what we can, when we can. Thanks for the faith you have shown in us, and for your continued support.

Yours in community -
Michele Wallace, Co-chair, Search Committee