Lots of Decisions Ahead Before End of Church Year

The end of the church year is approaching and summer services are on the horizon. But, there are still a lot of issues to be resolved and opportunities to celebrate this spring. The issues I am referring to include adopting a budget, changing a bylaw, and voting on whether or not to purchase a new building. This requires us to invest time in becoming informed, provide feedback, and participate in the decision-making process.

The Annual Meeting is scheduled for May 17th. You will receive a formal notice of the meeting with an agenda and attachments. Some very important decisions are on the agenda, including the budget for 2017-2018. The proposed budget has been developed to reflect our values, goals and priorities. Thanks to all who participated in its development and to those who attended the budget meeting.

A change to the bylaw addressing the number of trustees on the Board is also on the Annual Meeting agenda. The proposed change will reduce the size of the Board from 9 to 7. The primary advantage of this change is that it will free up people to do other work to achieve our vision. Our bylaws are extremely important. They provide the framework for how we function. They govern day to day functions and also address infrequent situations such as calling a minister and purchasing real estate. They reflect our vision and values.

In addition to business, the annual meeting is also a time to reflect on and celebrate the accomplishments of the past year. It’s important to step back from the day to day work we’re involved in and appreciate all that this congregation and Reverend Laura have accomplished.

This has been a year of celebration – celebration of the 50th anniversary of MSUS. Another opportunity to celebrate the 50th Anniversary is the luncheon scheduled for June 11th after Sunday service. Celebrating the 50th anniversary this year in a variety of ways has made me appreciate the history of MSUS. Thanks to Barb Hughes for her work on 50th anniversary activities.

Another Congregational Meeting is scheduled on June 4th to vote on whether or not to purchase the new church on Ibis Street in Coon Rapids. Many have participated in the information meetings and have raised important questions and identified benefits of this opportunity. An open house has been scheduled on May 6th to tour the building. We need the collective wisdom of all in order to make the best decision for this community. Thanks to Michele Wallace and the Ad Hoc Building Work Group for their work.

Mark your calendars with all these dates and thanks for your commitment to this community.