Church Purchase FAQ

The Ad Hoc working group, comprised of current and former Board members, Land and Facilities Committee members, Finance Committee members, and other interested people created a FAQ. Click here to read more about the possible Ibis Church Purchase.

Balloting Set to Begin June 4: Ballot Count June 28
A Special Meeting of the Congregation is scheduled for June 4, 2017, at noon, in the MSUS social hall. The purpose of the meeting is to discuss the possible move towards a purchase of the former Salvation Army church located at 10347 Ibis Street Northwest, in Coon Rapids, to establish a quorum, and open the ballot process. We expect that members will be able to start voting soon after the June 4 meeting has concluded. There will be time for discussion, presentation of additional information, and questions and answers. We also expect to be finalizing the ballot and electing ballot tellers. Any member not voting on June 4 will be mailed a ballot and instructions for voting.

The votes will be counted by the ballot tellers in an open process on Wednesday, June 28, at 7:00 p.m, in the social hall. Everyone is invited to watch democracy in action, and be together in community for the outcome of this pivotal decision.

As proposed, voting “no” stops the process. A “yes” vote allows the Board and its negotiating team to enter into negotiations for the possible purchase of the Ibis Street church and sale of 6565 Oakley Drive. The proposed ballot gives the power to the Board, and not the congregation, to approve the final contract, as a requirement to have the congregation do so greatly limits the flexibility and responsiveness that is often critical in such a fluid process. However, should we be going forward, the Board is planning to formally and informally request feedback as things move along. If we succeed in reaching a deal, we envision another session with the congregation to discuss funding options.

While this is a tremendously exciting opportunity, and by far the best option we have come across in twelve years of searching, no one is advocating throwing caution to the winds. We have to be able to afford it both in the short and long term, and should do everything we can to make sure we are not saddled with significant problems that would be too costly to fix. For example, mold is a concern, and could be a “show stopper,” if it cannot be cost effectively remediated. The Land & Facilities Committee has researched what to do to get this figured out.

Please contact Michele Wallace if you have any questions, or would like additional information, or have comments.