One Service on Sundays at 10:00 am Through Labor Day

There will only be one 10 AM service from June through Sept. 3rd. We will start back with two services after Labor Day. We look forward to being together. There is no service on June 25. All are encouraged to attend the Twin Cities Pride Festival in Minneapolis.

2017 Summer Information for MSUS

Sunday Services
Services are at 10:00 am through Labor Day (Sept. 3). There will be light refreshments available after services. Please note- no service on June 25 which is Twin Cities Pride Parade and Festival.

Summer Religious Education (RE) and Childcare
Childcare is available at all services this summer. We have a multi-aged curriculum for children who are attending. Children/youth will go immediately to RE instead of joining us in the service.

Twin Cities Pride, June 25, 2017
Our summer minister is in communications with MN Unitarian Universalist Alliance (MUUSJA) who have coordinated the booth and parade contingent. Please watch the Order of Service, Facebook, and News from the Office for updates.

News from the Office
We are going to switch to Mondays for the church email update. This way, we can carry announcements for the upcoming week, share what was in the Order of Service, and keep you in the loop. If you want to request that something be placed in the email please contact Beth no later than Sunday (the day before the email goes out).

Lisa Myers will offer an adult (or multi-aged) program in June and July. Notice will be provided soon.
We will host our first Popcorn and Theology on Friday, July 28. The movie is Willow. Potluck at 5:30, movie starts at 6:30, discussion and activities at 8:30 pm. Childcare is available by request. RSVP by July 21 at

We will have a June newsletter and then pause until September. If you want something in the September newsletter it must be in by August 20.

Staff and Building Coverage
The staff will be catching up a bit on vacation hours in June. Most will work remotely. Please note- the building will be locked during week and open on Sunday.

Items for the Church
We know that summer time means garage sales, late spring cleaning, and sorting time. Although we know it comes from a place of kindness and care, please do not drop off items you think we need at the church. Please contact Beth at for general inquiries about materials you have and wonder if we need. Contact Anna at if you are curious if Religious Education would want to something you’d like to donate. We do not have the space for items we do not need.

Ministerial Coverage
Rev. Laura is planning her summer schedule around six weeks of recovery from surgery (date still to be determined). She may work part-time in June and return a little later in August than her original plan. Lisa Myers, a United Seminary Student, is the summer minister and the first point of contact.

We Return to Two Services on September 10
We will return to two services and celebrate the merging of the waters. Collect water from your summer wanderings to bring to the service in September.