Sunday Evening Book Group

2nd Sunday of the Month
Next: October 8 - 7:15pm

Gathering of the Sunday Evening Book Group.  Always Offsite.  Host varies on the month.  Contact Marti or Michele for additional information.

On September 10th Sig & Marti will host our discussion of Flying Funny by Dudley Riggs. The Star Tribune reports, "Like Riggs himself, his book is warm and a bit bash-ful in tone, avoiding the acres of melodrama and flamboyant flimflam found in many show business autobiographies. It reads like the work of a man with more good cheer than worry, making it through life’s travails without deep scars on his body or spirit. He attended public school intermittently and college largely against his will, but he recounts his memories with the clarity and detail a print journalist would envy."


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