Understanding the Bible: An Introduction for Skeptics, Seekers and Religious Liberals

John Buehren is a past president of the Unitarian Universalist Association. His book is designed to help those of a progressive outlook to reclaim the Bible from literalists. In making accessible some of the best contemporary historical, literary, political, and feminist readings of the Hebrew and Christian scriptures, it encourages all who would find in the biblical heritage an ally and not an enemy in the quest for a more just and humane world. The text includes four preliminary chapters on the why, who, which, and how of biblical understanding, followed by eight brief thematic chapters covering the core of the Hebrew Bible and six covering the Christian scriptures, plus chronologies, maps, and helpful suggestions for further reading.

Please note:
• We will be reading a third of the book at a time, so you do not need to read the whole text prior to the first week.
• Participation from home using Zoom (video conferencing) is available. Contact Rev. Laura.


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