Get Involved

MSUS offers a variety of ways to become involved not only in the church community but in the larger community outside the church. One of the joys and obligations of membership at MSUS is becoming involved in the church community. There are many ways to get involved at MSUS.

Interest Groups, Committees, Volunteer Opportunities, and Social Activities

  • Bouncing Brunches and Circle Suppers are held in the spring.
  • A Holiday party are held during December, including a special family service on the evening of December 24th.
  • Monthly potlucks are held the second Sunday of the month after the service.
  • A Craft Boutique is held in the fall and a Service Auction is held in February.

Interest Groups

  • Book Discussion Group (Sunday) - meets monthly to discuss a variety of books.
  • Women's Book Club - women meet monthly on a Saturday to discuss books by women authors.
  • Men's Group - a discussion, support, and social group for men.
  • Music - the choir and band provide music for many of the Sunday services and perform at the Winter and the Spring concerts.
  • MSUS Drama Guild - hopes to expand their productions and to become an important part of the church outreach efforts. All aspects (acting, construction, properties, costumes, lighting, sound, program, and refreshments) of their productions are open to those who wish to participate.


  • Audio-Visual - Records Sunday services and is responsible for the video and sound systems.
  • Book Discussion (Sunday) - A book discussion held on the second Sunday of each month.
  • Building Maintenance - Maintains the church buildings.  Organizes volunteers to do repair and maintenance. Oversees contracted service providers.
  • Building Rental - Supervises the rental of the building to raise funds.
  • Bylaws - Reviews and suggests revisions to Society's bylaws with the object of improving the functioning of the Society so that the Society's mission can be carried out. Input on all changes is taken from the Board of Trustees, committees and task forces, the UUA and the MidAmerica Region.
  • Caring Committee - Offers help to congregates and friends of MSUS experiencing illness or life challenging situations with the hope that the extra care and support brings the warmth and care of the MSUS community to those that cannot attend MSUS Services and community events.
  • Committee on Ministry - The purpose of the Committee on Ministry (COM) is to strengthen the holistic ministry of the congregation.  The COM support the mutual success of both professional and lay ministry and seeks to facilitate two-way communication between the congregation and the minister.
  • Covenant Group - Is the place to get to know other MSUS members and friends and to explore your own spiritual and personal development.  It is a group for listening, reflection, and growth for the spiritual aspect of your life, etc. We meet monthly.
  • Denominational Affairs - Informs the congregation of issues in the denomination and the UUA.
  • Drama Guild - Presents theatrical performances as special events or as a part of the service while providing members and friends of MSUS the opportunity to experience working and acting together and expanding the MSUS ministry in the larger community.
  • Finance - Provides oversight for all financial activities of the church, develops and recommends the annual budget, conducts the annual pledge drive and is the focal point for fundraising activities in the Society.
  • Green Sanctuary - Is working to achieve the Green Sanctuary designation - bestowed on congregations by the UUA. The purpose of the program is to provide a path for congregational study and reflection and a call to individual and collective actions in response to environmental challenges. In order to receive the Green Sanctuary Designation, twelve actions in four spiritual areas must be completed. The four areas are: worship and spiritual practice, religious education programs, environmental justice, and sustainable living. About half of the actions have been implemented.
  • Historian - Records, catalogs, and preserves the history of the congregation.
  • Hospitality Teams - Work together each Sunday by serving as greeters/ushers, providing flowers for the sanctuary, and providing and serving light refreshments for coffee hour after the service. Each team is comprised of 8-10 persons and generally provides this service five times during the church year.
  • Investments - Advises the Board on investment of the congregation's funds.
  • Land and Facilities - Plans for the present and future facilities needs of the church. This includes setting criteria, coordination requests, and purchasing furnishings for the church building. Also includes: Building/Grounds which plans, plants and maintains the landscaping.
  • Leadership Development Committee - The Leadership Development Committee (previously known as the Nominating Committee) recommends candidates for the Board of Trustees. The committee forwards names of potential committee participants to committee chairs, recommends training opportunities, and determines the availability of scholarship monies for conferences such as MidAmerica Region and the UUA General Assembly.
  • Library - Organizes the MSUS library collection, records lending activity and selects new titles for inclusion in the library. The library contains titles of interest to liberal religious people. A number of the selections were donated and are rare.
  • Meditation - Meets bimonthly in the sanctuary. We share readings and meditate in quiet. No experience is needed, and all are welcome to share this time to find peace and relaxation. We are periodically on hiatus.
  • Member Support - Sends cards and organizes contacts with members who are ill or otherwise in need of assistance.
  • Membership - Welcomes visitors, helps new members become assimilated, recruits and trains greeters, and considers the ways the Society can better meet the needs of all its members.
  • Men's Group - A discussion, support, and social group for men intending to facilitate members and friends working and playing together furthering the MSUS ministry in the greater community and within MSUS.
  • Mom's Group - A support group for women with small children. Meets monthly.
  • Personnel - Is responsible for administering personnel policies for all paid staff except for ministerial searches.
  • Purchasing - Purchases any needed items such as coffee and copy paper.
  • Religious Education - Is responsible for the RE program for the children and youth. The material is drawn from a variety of sources including the UUA. Teachers are volunteers from the Society.
  • Social Action - Recommends social actions for the Society, organizes support the UUSC, and oversees the distribution of the social action contributions to various organizations for the needy in the area. One collection a month is dedicated to a social action cause.
  • Social Activities - Plans the social events of the Society. We have a full program of social events including excursions to the theatre, concerts, outdoor activities, and parties.
  • Special Music - Arranges for the Special Music presentations during the Sunday Morning Service. Works with the Worship Committee and the Minister to provide appropriate musical content.
  • Welcoming Congregation - Investigates the UUA curriculum designed to help congregations become more welcoming places for gay, lesbian, bisexual, or transgender (GLBT) people in our midst and in the wider community. It is hoped this curriculum will expand to include racism, ableism, ageism, or other groups who may feel unwelcome in our midst.
  • Web Page - maintains and updates the MSUS Internet website,
  • Worship - Organizes Sunday and special services and arranges for speakers on Sundays when our ministers is not present. Sunday services explore a wide range of topics and are presented by our minister, gust ministers and speakers, and by members of MSUS.