Covenant Groups

The purpose of Covenant Groups is to establish a simple, reliable, engaging way to join with others and share our experience, our questions, our wisdom, and ourselves.

What is a covenant group?

A covenant group is a small group where you can reflect on a variety of topics - humanist, spritual, and social issues.
A covenant group is where you can gain insights and grow spiritually and personally.
A covenant group is where you will be listened to and you listen to others.
A covenant group is where you can get to know others in the congregation.

What do we do?

At the beginning of the sessions, thought provoking readings are shared. Participants reflect on the readings by silently thinking about answers to some thought provoking questions. Participants can write or silently reflect. Participants share their responses to the questions while other group members listen deeply. Insights and responses to what was heard are shared.

Contact Rev. Laura Smidzik for information on when the current Covenant Group meets. Groups are made up of about 10 adults. Personal information shared by the group members is considered confidential.

For more information, please contact Rev. Laura Smidzik at 763-571-9697 or by email.