Hospitality Teams

"Hospitality Teams" is a big title for our teams who make a Sunday service what it is - Greeters:

  • who greet, welcome and usher guests to a seat,
  • who invite visitors to share hospitality with us in the social hall after the service;
  • who direct visitors to the restrooms, to the nursery, and to RE classrooms.

Some team members will:

  • serve coffee, juice and light refreshments after the service to give us another opportunity to visit;
  • share news;
  • welcome back those who have been missing in our lives.

The week's team will also clean up the kitchen and social hall after coffee hour. They will bring flowers for the front of the sanctuary, so we can enjoy color and shape as we sing together and listen to the messages shared.

If you have any questions regarding hospitality teams, please email our Hospitality chair: Janice S.   Thank you.  We're looking forward to seeing you all soon.