Becoming A Member

Considering Membership?
The following questions and answers may help you decide.

Why should I become a member of the church rather than simply remain a friend of the congregation?

Membership is a way to belong and take root in both a particular community and a religious tradition. If you feel that you have found a home in this church and in Unitarian Universalism and if you envision our church as an ongoing part of your future, membership is a way of strengthening and celebrating that commitment.

What are the privileges of Membership?

Members can vote in all church elections and participate in congregational decisions. These include approving annual budgets and resolutions, electing officers and other representatives, and making other major decisions that require congregational participation. In addition members can serve as officers of the church, members of the board of Trustees, and on the Leadership Development Committee. More personal privileges include use of the church facilities for weddings and commitment ceremonies, personal celebrations, and memorial services. A subscription to the UU World monthly magazine is also included.

What are the responsibilities of Membership?

Participating in the democratic process of this congregation is a responsibility. Members should also expect to attend Sunday services with some regularity and participate in church life beyond Sunday morning worship services. Members are expected to make a financial contribution on an annual basis. Members are encouraged, but not required, to serve on committees of interest to them.

What is the minimum age that I must be to become a member?

According to the bylaws of the church, anyone who is 18 years of age or older is eligible.

If I join the church, do other members of my immediate family automatically become members?

Membership is an individual choice. When you choose, you choose only for yourself.

How do I go about becoming a member?

Anyone who is interested in becoming a member of MSUS should talk to the minister or to someone on the Membership Committee. Either of them can give you information on, or arrange for, the next Path to Membership meeting.

What is the "Path to Membership" Process?

The purpose of the Path to Membership is to give each potential new member an understanding of UU History and Organization, MSUS History and Organization, and an understanding of the time and financial commitments associated with being a member. Upon completion of the Path to Membership, potential members will receive a membership application. Completed applications are returned to the Membership Committee, to be submitted to the Board of Trustees for approval.