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Rev. Dana Reynolds

To Experience and Live Out Universalism

NO POTLUCK  We will explore what it means to have Universalism as a world view, as a major...

02/09/2014 (All day)  |  Read More
Rev. Wendy Jerome

With Humor & Support: Living with Alzheimer’s

The whispered about and feared disease, Alzheimer's, has affected many acquaintances, even...

02/02/2014 (All day)  |  Read More
Rev. Dana Reynolds

Flight from Reason

It is time to explore the trends in American cultural of "junk thought" or anti-rationalism....

01/26/2014 (All day)  |  Read More
Kate Burek

Unfulfilled Dreams: Disappointment, Hope and Our Spiritual Lives

As we reflect on Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.’s life and legacy, we often overlook the messages...

01/19/2014 (All day)  |  Read More
Rev. Dana Reynolds

Time and Change

Time and Change are inextricably connected. One cannot talk about one without the other, and...

01/12/2014 (All day)  |  Read More
Christine Spiritwolf

The Practice of Worship, UU-style

Begin the new year exploring and engaging in Worship. As Unitarian we?......

01/05/2014 (All day)  |  Read More
Carlotta Stomberg

How is Your Happiness Level?

Do you know there are "Blue Zones" in the world in which the residents proclaim themselves to...

12/29/2013 (All day)  |  Read More
Lay Leader: Lisa Monson-Hokenson


The holiday season is Christmas, Hanakkah, Kwaanza, the Winter Solstice, the beginning of a...

12/24/2013 (All day)  |  Read More
Rev. Dana Reynolds

The Darkest Night of the Year

This is the Winter Solstice when the daylight is the shortest. Human cultures have marked this...

12/22/2013 (All day)  |  Read More
Rev. Meg Riley

By This We Live

One could say giving and receiving are opposites, but really they are inseparable, two sides...

12/15/2013 (All day)  |  Read More