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Rev. Karen J Gustafson

Transition—A Challenge to Our Best Selves

Although we know that change is a necessary part of life, the necessary feelings that...

09/28/2014 (All day)  |  Read More
Chad Snyder

Artificial Intelligence, Real Questions

Artificial Intelligence, Real Questions: Smart phones. Smart cars. Even smart clothes. MSUS...

09/21/2014 (All day)  |  Read More
Lisa Monson-Hokenson

Coming to Church on Sunday is Like _______ on _______. Metaphors, Similes, and Parables

I have butterflies in my stomach and I would like to put a bug in your ear: it's the beginning...

09/14/2014 (All day)  |  Read More
Rev. Karen J Gustafson

The Meaning of ‘Welcome!’

Welcome Rev. Karen Gustafson! Our new interim minister, Karen Gustafson, will be talking about...

09/07/2014 (All day)  |  Read More
Carlotta Stomberg

Much of What I Wanted to Know About Life I Learned in the Garden

Long time MSUS member Carlotta Stomberg will dig into the delights and sorrows and the...

08/10/2014 (All day)  |  Read More
Kendra Reimermann

Telling Yourself A Different Story

We tell ourselves stories all the time about why the world is the way it is and why we are the...

07/13/2014 (All day)  |  Read More
Rev. Dana Reynolds

Roads Go Ever Ever On

You and I are about to take different paths, so we must acknowledge the flow of time and the...

06/22/2014 (All day)  |  Read More
Rev. Dana Reynolds

Reminders to Share, While I Still Can

Over the course of the last five years, you have heard much of what I will be sharing with you...

06/15/2014 (All day)  |  Read More
Rev. David Kraemer

The Truth in Chickens

Today’s message touches on local food, Americana, myth, fact, and why our insistence on reason...

06/08/2014 (All day)  |  Read More
MSUS Members

A Fond Farewell to Rev. Dana: Celebratory/Farewell Service for Dana

It’s been five years that we’ve grown along with Rev. Dana. Now he’s retiring and we’ll soon...

06/01/2014 (All day)  |  Read More