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Nate Garvis

Naked Civics: Strip Away the Politics to Build a Better World

Are we just spectators to angry politics that drive us left and right - or - can we be...

09/22/2013 (All day)  |  Read More
Lisa Monson-Hokenson


What is it you imagine when you think of a church community? What does it look like? What role...

09/15/2013 (All day)  |  Read More
Rev. Dana Reynolds

Institutions of Light and Shadow

Institutions are human creations and are with us our entire lives. They are designed to...

09/08/2013 (All day)  |  Read More
Chad Snyder

Re-re-redefinition of Marriage: A Divorce Lawyer’s Reflection on what Marriage has been, is, and should be

Marriages of lesbian and gay couples will become legal in Minnesota on August 1st. Come and...

08/18/2013 (All day)  |  Read More
Brock Ray

“I” Am a Storyteller

Humans have been called political animals and social animals. We have been called the children...

07/21/2013 (All day)  |  Read More
Rev. Dana Reynolds

On Father's Day

Yes, it is a Hallmark marketing-type holiday, meaning we should go deeper. This is for men,...

06/16/2013 (All day)  |  Read More
Rev. Dana Reynolds

Our Homeless Neighbors

Homelessness, as we know, is a big national problem. Yet, there are fallacies to dispel and...

06/09/2013 (All day)  |  Read More