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Lisa Myers

Blinders On: What are we missing?

This Sunday we will explore why we oftentimes simply do not see what is right there in front...

07/09/2017 - 10:00am  |  Read More and Listen
Chad Snyder

Singing in Community

MSUS member Chad Snyder says that sing-along songs can and will be our scripture for today’s...

07/02/2017 - 10:00am  |  Read More

No services at MSUS - Join us at PRIDE in Loring Park.

No services at MSUS - Please join us at PRIDE in Loring Park.

06/25/2017 - 10:00am  |  Read More
Lisa Myers

Dads and Sun Gods, Solstice and Celebration

We celebrate the longest day of the year and honor all the fathers we have in our lives. Join...

06/18/2017 - 10:00am  |  Read More
Lisa Myers

A Hymn for the Sacred

Today’s service will honor of all those young Black men and women, boys and girls, who have...

06/11/2017 - 10:00am  |  Read More
Lisa Myers

Jumping Fences

Our minister for the summer, Lisa Myers, will be giving her first sermon today. As a Religious...

06/04/2017 - 10:00am  |  Read More
Rev. Laura Smidzik

Roots and Wings

The start of ONE service at 10:00 AM during the summer – A celebratory worship service and...

05/28/2017 - 10:00am  |  Read More
Rev. Laura Smidzik

The Embodiment of Hope & Flower Communion

Join us for the old Unitarian Universalist tradition of Flower Communion. Bring a flower from...

05/21/2017 - 9:00am  |  Read More and Listen, 05/21/2017 - 10:30am  |  Read More and Listen
Rev. Laura Smidzik

Mothers Past and Present

Stories from UU history and from current day life highlight unusual stories of sacrifice,...

05/14/2017 - 9:00am  |  Read More and Listen, 05/14/2017 - 10:30am  |  Read More and Listen
MSUS Youth

Coming of Age Sunday

Join us for one of the most cherished services at MSUS. Our Coming of Age youth will share...

05/07/2017 - 9:00am  |  Read More, 05/07/2017 - 10:30am  |  Read More